A revolutionary digital money system, The Future Of Blockchain Banking



Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain.


During a funds transfer, the users information is not broadcasted on the blockchain.


Aluisyo use Ring signatures to make transactions untraceable. The transactions cannot be linked to a particular user or their real identity.

About Aluisyo

Let us introduce Ourselves.

Aluisyo is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on cryptonote with enabled blockchain banking features and secure messaging. Aluisyo is a fairly launched coin without any premine, ico or dev fee.

Coin Name: Aluisyo

Genesis Date: 25-02-19

Ticker: ANX

Address Prefix: aNX

POW Algo: Cryptonight Fast

Max Supply: 200 million

Block Time: 120 seconds

Block Reward: smoothly increasing, starting from 5 all the way up-to 50


P2P: 18001

RPC: 19000

Secure Messages

A user can send anonymous and self destructive messages on the blockchain.

Digital Money

The Future Of Blockchain Banking.


The blockchain features a banking system which includes deposits and investments.

Road Map

Work on ANX without getting fired from our permanent job

Website - for web visibility

Fork to Cryptonight Fast - ASIC resistant, CPU & GPU friendly algo

GUI wallet - for the cli impaired

Web Wallet - To improve ANX visibility and easy adoption

Android Wallet - we go mobile

White Paper

Funding System - Community funded projects

Exchange Listings - applications will be sent to exchanges for listing

Ecommerce integrations - To make it easier for merchants to accept ANX as mode of payment

More to be added soon.....